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Choosing a search method

Choizi has two different ways of finding restaurant recommendations that match your search preferences:

Simple  ::  Smart




Our SIMPLE search simply uses the criteria provided by the user and performs a match against all restaurants within the specified geographic area.
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Choizi's patent-pending SMART search uses a more complex algorithm to determine the best recommendations. Our algorithm dynamically incorporates individual preferences and uses them to provide the best matches based on past selections, other information on how other users with similar tastes rated, and more. This search method is "adaptive" and highly powerful.

However, as things change, you may find that the recommendations are hard to interpret. Just like a good food critic, it may not hit a 100%, but more often then not, it can predict what you'll like and let you explore choices you may never have known about. We suggest using the SMART search if you either a member with us and/or like to broaden your options. The more you rate, the better it gets. Try it out!

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