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Register your restaurant  

To register your restaurant we can do it for you. Alternatively, you can go to our website: and you can upload menus, coupons that youd like to offer, map and location with directions and much, much more.

Specify a your budget  

This lets you control costs while still getting great value from the program. Although, the more you spend the more you can get, you can modify your budgets as and when you want to its in your control not ours.

You will be billed for selections  

Every month, we count up the selections and bill you for them. If no customers selected your restaurant in a given month you dont pay anything! We send you an invoice and you can setup an automatic bill payment.

Give our members a Choizi sticker  

We send you a sheet of stickers based on what you were planning to spend in the month. These stickers contain unique codes that let us know that the customer ate at your restaurant and are therefore eligible for their reward. We simply ask you to keep these stickers safe and available for choizi members.