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Effectiveness is what sets us apart

Our reach is targeted to those customers that have already specified their interest in your restaurant.

The chance of a customer visiting your restaurant in such a pre-selected market increases further to 1 in 10.

Compare this with a 2 in 100 response rate for an expensive mailer or ad in the paper.

We provide incentives for our members to eat at your place over your competition.

And we can quickly reach your target audience with new promotions or messages.


Our pricing model keeps things simple and affordable

Although we provide a highly effective and powerful program, we believe it should be affordable. Thatís why we have no minimums, no sign-up costs, and no quotas!

With our model, you only pay when you get selected. You can also control your investment to whatís right for your budget.

With our program, it takes you minutes to launch a new promotion at no additional cost Ė try that with our competition!!!


Our value proposition is simple: We deliver results

You can quickly reach out to a pre-qualified target audience; we pay our members to visit participating restaurants like yours; and you see increased foot-traffic immediately.

Itís as simple as that.

Marketing is not about throwing darts in the air. Itís about reaching out to people who want to listen.

By rewarding our members to eat at our participating restaurants, we can virtually guarantee a return on investment.


Simple to say but critical to our success

Our participating restaurants enjoy flexibility, return on investment and a target audience: you get to control how much traffic you want to drive; you see bottom-line results for the investment you make; and you get valuable information about whatís driving your success. Thatís your win.

Our members are paid to eat at their favorite restaurants. Their freedom is valued and encouraged. And thatís their win.