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Attract new customers and keep them coming

Target your market better

Attract customers that are interested in restaurant like yours. You can do this because our members have already told us what where they like to eat. If you offer a romantic romantic dining experience, you're better off not targetting families with small kids. Of conversely, if you cater offer eclectic ethnic vegetarian fare, you might want to go after vegetarians, people who like to eat at Indian restaurants, etc.

We have a simple way of matching restaurants with our members preferences. We don't force them to do something they don't want to. Our value proposition to both you and our members is that we offer a win/win solution that helps you target who you want and our members get to choose what they want.

Pay when you get value

If a member selects your restaurant, the are actively letting you know that they are interested in your restaurant. This is the point at which the you have to pay. Because you have been selected along with other restaurants your cost is minimal for attracting this prospective customer. Our model works on the premise that a customer who has specified an interest in you is worthy of your attention. What you do after this point is up to you. Your chances, on average, are 1 in 10 to have the member visit your restaurant.

Control your costs

We understand that being able to control your marketing costs is critical to your success. So unlike coupons and other discount offers, you can simply specify how much you want to spend in a given month you will not spend a penny more than that.

In addition, we let you change your budget as frequently as possible. If you have construction going on near your establishment, you might not want to make a big push. In that month you simple lower your budget. Other times, you want extra business to pay for new equipment or introduce a new menu. It's in your control!

Keep your menu prices

With discount offers, you are continuously undercutting your menu prices. With our service, customers pay you full price and get the discount from us! This makes helps to keep your prices where they need to be and while letting your customers experience your restaurant.
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