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New version of Choizi.com greets the New Year
choizi.com expands to New York and Massachusetts


New version of choizi.com Released for 2007


In 2006 we launched our site and have received lots of feedback. As much as we can we're continuously incorporating your suggestions to make Choizi even better. We keep looking forward to your comments.

We are proud to introduce the new and improved version of the Choizi Website. The front looks almost the same (some cosmetic changes) but now you can do a lot more.

Now you can do the following:

  • Review and rate your favorite restaurants
  • Plan events in a restaurant that you like
  • New opporunities to earn rewards
  • Better searching and browsing

To learn more about the Choizi, visit www.choizi.com.

cafe | think, LLC is an exciting new venture founded by Ram Prayaga and Alex Bäcker. It is based in Southern California. cafe | think, LLC is introducing the concepts of personalized adaptive search with rewards to various industries starting with the hospitality industry.