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New version of Choizi.com greets the New Year
choizi.com expands to New York and Massachusetts


choizi.com launched

cafe | think, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its new and free service, www.choizi.com. Choizi will initially focus in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and offers restaurant goers 10 great recommendations for restaurants in the location of choice. It is planned that several cities will be included shortly.

Choizi is a simple to use service, where users can use enter a zipcode and their cuisine of choice to retrieve 10 choices that match their criteria. Users can also select multiple cuisine types, select a budget, and dining style. Users can view the restaurants in a conveniently on a map and review restaurant profiles make their decisions.

As new restaurants join the programs, Choizi members (membership is completely free) can also be rewarded for visiting a Choizi restaurant that is recommended to them. This patent-pending rewards program allows restaurant to get great recommendations and have the ability to choice where they want to get the greatest value for their money.

In addition, the service allows users to dynamically customize their recommendation engine. This power adaptive search capability will dynamically take user feedback and compute a profile based on past likes and dislikes. This cutting-edge technology will also be used in other industries including hotels and movies.

To learn more about the Choizi, visit www.choizi.com.

cafe | think, LLC is an exciting new venture founded by Ram Prayaga and Alex Bäcker. It is based in Southern California. cafe | think, LLC is introducing the concepts of personalized adaptive search with rewards to various industries starting with the hospitality industry.