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Our solutions

cafe | think is a company focused in using the best approach that makes sense for our users and customers. We are continuously striving to improve our user experience. If this means using a bleeding edge technology, we will. If it means using a simple method, we aren't too humble to pursue this. Our utlimate goal and driving force is the quality of the information we provide and value we create with all our partners - users, vendors and advertisers.

We use a dynamic personalization engine (Patent Pending) that captures tidbits of information over the coarse of several independent interactions, then extrapolate a profile from this information and dynamically improve the profile based on performance and feedback.

This unique personalization technology is used within a unique business model (Patent Pending) consisting of rewards for our members to provide them not just a good web experience but a great customer experience.

And finally, to ensure success and a socially meaningful user experience, we incorporate a open member community around our services.

With these three ingredients, we believe we have the key to a financially successful organization as well as a useful service for our customers and users.

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:: A Better Way
:: Personalized choices
:: Our incentive program
:: Building membership and community

A better way

As users of search technologies, we know what most users have to do to get the information they need - keep trying until they find it or get frustrated. Web browsing becomes a new time-consuming chore it often distracts you from your objectives.

We believe that there is a better way that can help users navigate the mass of data that they get when they search. Our way takes the best of search engine technology, adds personalization to it and uses it in a model that offers real cash or other incentives to our users to visit our participating vendors. And yes, it is free for customers to use and join. Isn't that what the Internet was supposed to be?

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Personalized choices

cafe | think takes the fundamental truth that no two people have the exact same tastes - in music, food, or movies. At the same time, grilling you on all the things that you like and don't like is probably going to be meaningless. So, with this in mind we've devised a simple and quick way to learn from past results and continuously improve our understanding of what the user is looking for.

Our algorithms are dynamic and all times, we offer the choice to our users to use either a simple search or use a more sophisticated algorithm. The benefits of the sophisticated search versus the simple one are easy to understand: you get better results over time if you let us keep track of how the search results are working for you.

Vendors are also interested in the sophisticated search because they have a good chance that their business will get recommended if the user is willing to seek beyond a simple match. We offer the choice of search methods so that our users can use can make the choice of what works for them.

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Incentives with no-strings attached

When a user is part of our membership program, they are provided the opportunity to earn cash rewards by visiting one of our participating restaurants. These incentives can be redeemed via PayPal as cash or can be used to either donate to a cause of their choice, or save them for additional product tie-ins. Again, choice is key and the decision is given to the user. No railroading into something that they may regret later.

Our incentive program is simple in its function. Members go to their place of choice, pay their bill, come back to us and, validate that they have patronized a participating vendor and there you go. :: back to top ::

Membership and Community

We realized that information is not useful until the context of where this information is known and reliable. You don't trust a stranger to tell you which restaurant is good - you trust a friend or someone who you know has the same interests as you. The ability of leveraging each others experiences to get better information is one of the fundamental promises of the Internet. We believe, a community around each of our industries will serve this purpose with a dramatic results. Community is organic and cannot be forced - however with the right means of doing it, we can make it happen. The incentive program serves to re-attract our members to the website enabling us to continuously gather information to help our vendors, improve our technology to better serve our customers. Users will come back for three basic reasons:
  • Our service provides them with useful information and they'd like to use us again (possibly training their profile to perform even better)
  • We provide monetary rewards that involves a validation process through the website
  • Our members can share and build a relationships with other members - a community is formed around our service.
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